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Welcome to my galleries. I'm Jim Bolden Sr Photographer and Nature lover. Please browse my galleries and enjoy.

When I'm not Photographing Nature subjects my other subjects of interest include Automobiles and Trains.
While I have been doing Photography on and off for 20yrs I'm always open to try something new.
Most of my work is available for sale, either in print form or as licensed images.
If you see a photo(s) of interest please feel free to click on the "Contact Me" area in my menu and drop me a email.

If your wondering....95% of all photos in my galleries are taken with Canon Camera's.
There are a few older ones I did with Sony a few years back.
My current Camera is a FujiFilm Finepix HS20EXR Prosumer Camera which works nicely for me.(As of Oct 12,2011)
I also carry a Canon SD780is at all times....$20 Garage Sale find! LOL
** Due to the economy a DSLR doesn't fit in my budget anymore**


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